Timber Services

Do you need cut, dressed or dried timber products? At Pacman and Sons we care about the quality of our work, so you can be sure your timber is in the best possible hands.

From singular pieces of timber to bulk lots, we'll get the job done to the highest standard every time.

Our specialised equipment includes a moulder, docker, timber drying kiln and chain mortiser.

Call our experienced team today for a quote on your timber needs.

Professional Advice

At Pacman and Sons we understand how important it is to receive the right product for your particular project. Our experienced team members are happy to provide advice on our timber products and which one best suits your particular needs.


If you're using timber for living areas, such as flooring, skirting boards or balustrading, it's important to have it expertly dressed. This ensures exposed surfaces are smooth for final finishing whether that be paint, stain or other.


When you need your timber planks cut down to a certain size, call our expert team. We can dock your timber to meet your exact specifications.


Drying is the process of removing all moisture from the wood - after which the rough timber is ready to be used without the risk of warping. We have the equipment and machinery to expertly dry all raw timber.

Chain Mortiser

Using our advanced chain mortiser, we can prepare post and rail fence timber products to your specifications. Whether you require a mortise fence for your stockyard, hobby farm or property boundary, we can customise it to the size and number of slots you require.


For timber that requires specific detailing, talk to our specialist team about our timber detailing service in the Whitsundays. Perfect for residential and commercial projects, our detailing service is second to none. We'll ensure all detail is matched up perfectly. Send us your plans for competitive quotes.


Coming soon.


  • Moulder
  • Docker
  • Chain mortiser
  • Thicknesser - 500mm wide x 200mm thick
  • Radial arm saw 200mm depth