About Us

Pacman and Sons is a family owned timber supplier in the Whitsundays, providing only the highest quality timber for our clients. Offering a comprehensive range of services, we are your onestop shop for all things timber. Our Whitsundays timber specialists have more than 45 years of combined experience - so we know what we're talking about!

We are also dedicated to helping clients both local and overseas, ensuring swift and safe delivery of all our products.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We believe in giving everyone an opportunity to come work with us. We're proud to have on staff 3 team members who joined us from Job Match.

Overseas Deliveries

At Pacman and Sons we are proud to have partnered with an extensive network of delivery companies, allowing us to extend our services worldwide. We can deliver any material overseas, so be sure to contact us about our Australian timber products and services today.